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Thursday, June 30, 2005
New Link
Just a quick post to let everyone know they should go to (first link to the right) and check out what they have going on over there. Very informative and thought out.


Liked the proverbs at the end of each write up.
Akin to finding treasures buried deep in the ocean bed?
I guess you could say that. I think I just put them in because most of my personal viewpoints are insufficient to cause deep thought in readers. So I put in quotes I find inspirational... I like to make people think when I can...
Don't underestimate your personal commentaries. Of course, the proverbs will always make people think - but your personal commentaries are what make people come back for more!

Over a year since you've posted? I know you haven't run out of things to say... WASSUP??!!!!
Check out my new blog on WordPress...


I love ya, man!
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